It all starts with an idea…hard work and dedication get the project done.

Design Brief

Breaking down the ideas in conversation helps us approach every project the correct way. Modern design is about working with smarter programs and technologies.

Concept Art

Our favorite part is the creative aspect of jobs. This is where drawing and painting out the initial end product comes in. Our job is to know when to be innovative when to follow very specific design directions and tolerances.

Design Options

When everything is conceptually sound. We go into model making. Usually this process is a mix of digital design and printing.

Asset Creation

The final models are created. The models can be designed from scratch with polygons, or may be 3D scanned from real world objects. 90% of the time the models will have to be re built for the purpose. OBJs and STLs FBX

Staging and Polishing

For digital projects this is a rendering project, we like to use beautiful lights and environments to light our rendered images. For physical prototypes this is where finishing the model becomes finished. We have outsourced printing as well.