Online Viewing 3d Models

Yes getting 3d models in the computer seems like the major part of 3d scanning, but it is equally a combination of…

Scanning ” Getting the data”

Clean up “Using 3d software for cleaning the output”

Displaying “Either sharing model by web browser, or by 3d printing the result for a physical use”

This is a blog about using the internet to display the captured data. These models can now be hosted with beautiful options. When I started this in college there was no way to show your model without using a video. With modern advances of HTML 5 combined with new web formats like .GITF and .GLB there is a means of creating new value with 3d models.

This is a model hosted from a great service that lets us host files with multiple color maps, HDRI lighting, and even animation. This will really help show people the power of 3d scanning and 3d modeling. People often ask if there is a way to use 3D scans outside of printing or animation. I think this application of hosting 3d models in a web browser is more than meets the eye. This is the future of product marketing. With the advances of augmented reality “AR” this can now be brought to anyone with a special smart phone. Some of these uses need to be understood better.

The model featured below is just an example I put together in 5 minutes from Blender. It showcases different texture maps and material effects what could relate to many applications.

A better application would be this Road Marker I scanned.

You can see that the Detail is great. However the polygons were not optimized yet so there is no ability to use the augmented reality feature at the moment.

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Deep Image AI

Scale large images without losing the resolution.

Get better resolution than in photoshop with this creative application. A 300 px image scaled 400% will retain its depth and clarity. There is a lot of growth with this program and its possible applications are abundant.


proto sculpture